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Gowhows is an AI consulting company that help maximize the value of our clients. Not just telling you to “Go or not to go,” we say “Go” and show you “How” at Gowhows. Emmet Brown Laboratory (1991), renamed as Emmet Interactive Communications (1997) was our original organization. The AI ​​consulting team is good at management, branding, marketing and growth hacking, AI Strategy · Research and Develop AI planning, implementation, AI Analysis, AI Implementation on full-stack. Gowhows is always sensitive to trends, promoting research and development on AI, and providing applications with the best balance between Mobile First and Design First.

Our history

  • Emmet Brown Laboratory Inc. (1991)↓
  • Emmet Interactive Communications Inc. (1997)↓
  • Gowhows Inc. (2016)
Independence, Collaboration, Diversity and Rare CEO TETSUYA SATO

There is something we care about most at Gowhows. It is to maximize the value of our clients with our four policies, respecting independence, collaboration, diversity, and rare.



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What we do!

AI Consulting Team

AI Consulting

Only 1% of the world business is newly invented ones. Gowhows' AI Consulting Team is able to help you create a unique concept to become 1% in the world, set clear targets and gain specific positioning.

Growth Hacking

The Gowhows repeats the growth test using the IT technology of the website and the application by the Growth Hack team. The Growth Hack team always acts in collaboration with the development site. Sometimes we actively involve in the development of products and services.

Research & Development

Gowhows is researching, developing and supporting artificial intelligence. Our main expertise is Feature Learning or Deep Learning. Most of the artificial intelligence cannot find focal points from the actual phenomena nor the feature quantity. Presently it is still necessary for humans to decide what should be a focal point.

UI/UX Design Consulting

We are experts at Growth Hacking.

We build a “persona” and develop it with design first. UI / UX team will offer our clients designs suitable for their own customers.

Marketing Strategy

Our clients’ real progress is our priority. We will take initiative in leading the business with our practical AI expertise and deep insight to support your sustainable growth.

Gowhows 'AI

We pursue AI technology of Deep Learning combined with human brain hippocampus. We also recommend Shallow Learning in such cases where this approach produces better results.

Why Gowhows is awesome?

Gowhows is a full-stack developer from strategy planning to product development. We will help you grow up.


The business model we create shall be such an unprecedented one that even we cannot anticipate the outcome until we have actually done it. Depending on the selected approach, the budget and period can be fluctuated, thus allowing you to make profits. It is important that you can do Growth Hacking. Gowhows is a company mainly engaged in IT consulting, but also actively involved in the development of products and service, if necessary.


A flexible developing method can realize a speedy development. Our research and development aims for a development process unaffected by business condition. Looks beautiful & ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images.

Learning method for AI

Artificial intelligence is not yet universal. It is still a fledgling technology. Gowhows, however, has engineering techniques to advance AI learning.

High security

Gowhows is a company mainly engaged in IT consulting, but also actively involved in the development of products and service, if necessary. Advanced security knowledge is indispensable for building a secure system.

Nomad & Telework

Gowhows has introduced a teleworking system. For example, when you are looking after a baby, or even during a long dog walk, our system can watch over both your work and life.

Our Team

These photos are unfortunately a joke, just our ideal.


Ganesha is Design First.


UI/UX Design Consultant


That is a legendary project manager.




Engineers Leader is a young talented engineer who is very beautiful.


Engineers Leader

Prof. Y.A.

Top Researcher, who is Vegan and loves Indian myths.

Prof. Y.A.

Top Researcher


His hot soul burns as it approaches.


Branding & Sales Director


CEO & AI & IT Consultant has sensitive nose for works.


CEO & AI & IT Consultant


"Independence" "Collaboration" "Diversity" "Rare"
We are seeking members who will continue to take on challenges and ontribute to the future based on these four pillars.

Recruitment Information

A story that is not difficult.

What is the real intention of AI's research and development...

Our Achievements

Below are the figures that Gowhows achieved.

352+ Clients we worked with
256+ Nominations
65535+ Implementation function
0 ! Smokers in the company.


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